Waste Water plant upgrade: Barossa Valley

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The waste water plant is part of the wine tanker washing and sterilising plant at HAHN Corporation, Nuriootpa. In terms of biological loading the waste water plant is equivalent to a small winery, in the region of 1 to 2000 tonne.

The objective of the upgrade is to make the treatment process more robust in coping with the demands of the truck wash plant, and to enable all treated water to be absorbed on the site as irrigation water for the boundary and other sub surface plantings.

Process advice and direction has been given by Phillip Baker of Land Energy Pty Ltd.

The upgrade is based on increasing retention length, providing significant increase in aeration capacity and in installing a more effective settling and filtration equipment.

Since the upgrade has been completed the BOD at output has dropped significantly, and the process has become more stable. It is now suitable for irrigation with dripper and subsurface delivery to the irrigated areas, which are being expanded.