Boutique winery design & build: Nasik, INDIA

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This boutique winery in Nasik, India was to produce the highest quality wine from the vineyard of 80 acres currently but expanding to a potential throughput of some 400 tonne.

Nasik is a fruit and vegetable growing area some 120kms to the north east of MUMBAI and is home to some 57 wine producers, some with connections into Australia. The concept was developed by the client, a very large construction company in India, in conjunction with Davidson Viticulture, who had planted the vineyard.

The winery was designed by Winery Technologies Australia in conjunction with Ian J McKenzie, Consulting Winemaker. Advice on procurement ,placement and construction was also provided by Winery Technologies. Our knowledge of the global supply chain for winery equipment and supply, and our relationships within the global supply chain proved invaluable in sourcing the required equipment to achieve the budgets developed for the winery.

Construction proceeded through the drought breaking monsoon and the winery was able to be commissioned in time for the 2011 Vintage.

The wines, and those of the 2012 vintage are still in maturation but the client and the winemaker are confident they will be far superior to the general levels of wine produced in India.