Winery Technologies Australia provide a complete and independent service to our global clients.


Headed by Tom Hester, Winery Technologies Australia provide a complete and independent service to our global clients.

To set up a team for each project Winery Technologies Australia can call on a range of base project skills in planning, design, electrical and mechanical engineering, building and architectural, and other specialists as required.

In the case of larger projects a design team can be sourced if required to detail the layouts and functional designs from our own designers.

To optimise procurement we can and have worked closely with major suppliers in equipment, tankage, electrical, civil & structural, refrigeration etc, where that is required to give the best result.

This type of liaison can easily be on a global basis, as has been achieved in several projects recently.

Always the objective is to provide you with timely, high quality, most cost effective project outcomes with maximum “in house” team ownership. We work hard to establish a strong relationship with all our clients.


Tom Hester is a professional engineer with university qualifications in Mechanical Engineering from Adelaide University and post graduate qualifications in Business Management.

After starting his career in automotive engineering and production management, he joined Southcorp Wines as a winery engineer, based at the Penfolds winery at Nuriootpa.  After a period of years managing the winery engineering effort in their Premium wineries he took on the added responsibility for the overseas and local  winery  engineering effort.

At this time he was based at the Southcorp Wines operations head office in Magill in South Australia. This period through the 90’s was a period of dramatic expansion and development in winemaking process technology. It was a period when winery engineering as a body of knowledge was growing extremely quickly with huge steps in process change for example in refrigeration, centrifugation, grape and juice handling and other separation technologies, as well as the area of process controls in wine making activity and in packaging.

In 2001 Tom left Southcorp Wines and joined a small company involved in winery design and equipment sales to the industry, and then in 2004, Tom started Winery Technologies Australia Pty Ltd as a winery engineering consulting service. Since then the company has been involved in engineering and project management in the wine industry throughout Australia and overseas, in USA, Europe, South Africa, new Zealand and most recently India.

In addition to project management work Tom and the Winery Australia team have  been in process development, for example in the introduction of technology to rid wineries of brettanamyces; in numerous cost reduction and efficiency studies, risk management and new product analysis; and many examples of continuous improvement of the winemaking process.

References are available for genuine request for service.